QuinXell TisXell Regeneration System - Biaxial Bioreactor

  • Unique and patented regeneration system provides favourable environment for high growth and high proliferation of cell cultures compared to conventional methods
  • Available as QX900-001 (with a 50mL culture chamber) or QX900-002 (with 500mL culture chamber)
  • For research institutes, hospitals, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in bone regeneration, biomaterial testing, cell co-cultures, cartilage regeneration, heart patch research, stem cell expansion
  • Accelerates cell growth, differentiation and cell proliferation mimicking native exracellular matrix (ECM)
  • Supports homogenous cell culture at the surface and core of the 3D scaffolds
  • Maintains functionality and viability of tissue constructs (implants)
  • Reduces formation of necrotic neo-tissue that interferes with subsequent implantation process
  • Flexible operational modes are available - biaxial, uniaxial and swing modes
  • Applications include regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, translational medicine and tissue and organ transplant