Solaris S - I Series - SIP & CIP customisable Pilot and Industrial scale Fermenters & Bioreactors

S-I SERIES Fermenters/Bioreactors have been created with the intention to face all the problems related to scaling-up, from the laboratory to production stage, with maximum ease.

  • Customisable culture vessels from 5 to 30m3
  • Instrumentation for control and measurement of pH, dO2, CO2, RPM, Gas Mixing, Temperature, Antifoam, Feeds, Total Cell Density and Viable Cell Density measurement, Weight, Redox, Conductivity, Level, etc.
  • SCADA Control System SBC-16
  • Software management data - trends
  • Designed for microbial and cell fermentation, for batch, fed-batch and continuous processes
  • Complete range of accessories
  • Brushless motor for agitation system